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Vision Therapy Success Stories

is rated out of based on success stories.
Vision therapy has helped me focus better on my math and reading homework. Ms. Debbie is a great teacher.
Eleanor, Age 7
Vision therapy has helped me read. I love to play the cards. Thank you for helping my eyes. I will miss you guys!
Addisyn, Age 6
Addisyn has mad huge progress with her eyes. Dr. Landerville is very thorough with her evaluations. Ms. Debbie has made each session enjoyable for Addi. Ms. Kristina has been amazing as well. Thank you for giving Addi such great treatment.
Addisyn's mom
Ella was diagnosed with vision loss (farsightedness) before age 3. She was placed in glasses with eye patching, dilating eye drops, etc. Yet still we were told we weren’t doing enough. However, there were no suggestions of how to help other then glasses by her ophthalmologist. We had noticed reading difficulty, trouble visualizing individual letters, etc. and sought a second opinion from Dr. Landerville. She immediately recognized it wasn’t just a visual acuity issue but there was an eye teaming/tracking problem. In just 6 short months, our child has gone from a child struggling/fighting to recognize letters in sight words to reading on level with extreme confidence. She can play games and cannot visual cues with ease, something she never wanted to do before. Ella is excelling and succeeding and it is all due to Dr. Landerville and her amazing team and their love and care for our child!
Ella’s mom (Child Age 6)
I had a lot of fun in vision therapy and I wish it lasted longer. My vision definitely improved and therapy was awesome along the way I’d like to thank all my vision therapists, and I hope you enjoyed your job as much as I did. Thank you, and I had so much fun!
Brain, Age 11
Morgan has really enjoyed coming to therapy. We have seen her balance and coordination improve greatly. Her reading skills have improved as well.
Morgan's mom (Child Age 6)
When I came into vision therapy, I didn’t think it would work. All of my life people would tell me I would be blind, four-eyed, or that I had coke bottle glasses. My lenses are so thick that we had to sign a wavier for them to thin them out. That left a mark on me, telling myself my eyesight would never get better and I would have thick lenses all the time. After I came to vision therapy, I realized my eyesight could be better. I soon was seeing clearer, sharper, and I had fewer headaches. Other than the really fun game we play, you have someone to talk to and laugh with. It isn’t so bad after all, because you get to make friends. And that’s really cool too. Other than the part, people who had no hope, suddenly do.
Hannah, Age 13
Throughout my life I have always experienced issues towards my vision, whether it was trying to distinguish objects or words from far distances, or even having peripheral problems for that matter. This was until I came to the Las Vegas Center for Vision Therapy, at which I learned how to open up my periphery, and see farther than I ever, had before. This then led me to show better performance academically and physically during school hours. For example, showing better improvement in Flag Football, and having a higher focus time within class. To sum up, my experience with the Vision Center has helped me immensely, and I would wholeheartedly recommend this place to anyone having eyesight difficulties. And finally, I must thank all the eye doctors for helping me and everyone else with our sight issues; you guys are truly the best doctors.
Robert, Age 14
Dr. Landerville is kind, caring, and compassionate. I was referred by my eye doctor for a “lazy eye” which I’ve had since I was young. She gave me home exercises and a great therapist, Kristina, to work with. Using her detailed plan, I have noticed an improvement in the way I hold my head straighter, and have a reduction in migraines. I definitely recommend Dr. Landerville for anyone who needs vision therapy.
Barbara, Age 63
Eye therapy has helped me to keep my eye on the ball in sports. It has not looked like the ball is going one way and it is actually going the other way. I have improved in reading since letters don’t move on the page. I don’t see the letter ‘a’ and the words ‘the’ and ‘an’ instead of the word that is there most of the time. My spelling has improved.  My sight has not gone blurry when I wake up in the morning. I have been able to converge better. I have better peripheral vision and I am better at noticing things. I’m faster at reading. I don’t skip lines as much and I can focus better. This is how vision therapy has helped me.
Caleb, Age 12 ½
Vision therapy was very fun but also helpful. The people here are amazing and if you don’t like the activities you do, you’ll probably like getting to know and talk to you vision therapist. I had a great time here even if I didn’t like the activities I did, I still laughed and had a good time.
Madison, Age 13
Eye therapy has been nothing but fun and life changing for me. Getting to improve my eye tracking and getting to have fun at the same time makes every moment with you guys so enjoyable, fun, and memorable! I will always stop by to say hello! Thank you for all that you have done fro me and for my eyes!!!
Stella, Age 14
My success story is that when I came in; I was reading with double vision and reading at way below grade level. Also, I wasn’t able to shoot a basketball shot very well but at the end it was way different. First, my reading level went up a lot and I stopped seeing double vision when I read. Also, I am a much better basketball shooter and a better person overall.
Ethan, Age 13
I am so glad I went to eye therapy. It really improved my grades. I can read a lot faster than I did at the beginning. I can do one line down to another line. I can see a lot better to far away distance. I don’t have to get closer to the teacher. I’ve gotten better at my reading grades. I can see all the letters on the screen and I don’t have to get closer to see okay.
Sydney, Age 9
Dr. Landerville and the therapists have helped me to have better handwriting and better eye hand coordination. I also can move my eyes without moving my head. Every time I go I have so much fun. My favorite [vision therapy] games are Blink, Set, and Shell Game. I am going to miss you guys. Everybody is so sweet, nice, and fun.
Ella, Age 8
My dad shined a flashlight on a moose and I could not see it. I worked for a long, long time (in vision therapy) and if I were there now, I would see the moose.
Mason, Age 8
The best thing that I have noticed with Vision Therapy is that I can see 3D depth perception for the firs time in my life! I can’t wait to see IMAX 3D! Now my handwriting is much nicer and straighter. My grades have now gotten better and I hope I can be a straight A student like my sister Mercedes. Last, I noticed that I do not reverse my letters anymore. Dr. Landerville is very funny, nice, and pretty. She makes me happy about my eyesight! She makes me laugh too! My dad thinks that she is a great Optometrist! I can’t wait to see the IMAX 3D movies for Star Wars, Black Panther, and the Avengers in 3D!
Maddox, Age 10
Thank you so much for your genuine caring and dedication to your practice, in addition to your utmost skill in the vision therapy field. I am now able to read longer, watch TV and movies longer and drive with more confidence. The time you have spent with me making sure I was comfortable with what we were trying to do and accomplish is greatly appreciated. The entire office staff is knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.
Dorothy, Age 64
Dr. Landerville is awesome and is very nice. She helped me track better. Before vision therapy, my left eye did not track well. I can now see the words on a page better. Also, Dr. Landerville is vey funny and I really enjoyed coming to therapy. I will miss you! 
Tyler, Age 11
I started vision therapy to improve my convergence and ability to focus, but Dr. Landerville helped me with so much more! After suffering from a traumatic brain injury. I just wasn’t the same person—I no longer processed information in the same way as before, but with help I now feel like the person I use to be. Once I mastered focusing my eyes on a certain object, we advanced onto eye tracking, then think tacking to even working exercises that improved my reach on times. Dr. Landerville went out of her way to assist me with my specific needs. I can finally focus during class and react to things at a normal speed. I’ve also noticed how much happier I am and how quickly I am able to think on my toes again. Without the help of Dr. Landerville, I’m not sure that I would still be in college. I’m very grateful for her and everything she’s done for me! 
Hailey, Age 20
I love vision therapy so much because they always ask you, “How was your day?” and they are very nice people too. The exercises they do are super fun also when you can get a prize out of the treasure box! The most important part is that it helps your eyes. When I came to vision therapy, my eyes were band and no they’re almost perfect.
Liyah, Age 8
Dear Dr. Landerville,
You made me a better student. My eyes are so much stronger and no longer bounce around. Thank you for all the work you have done for me.
JJ, Age 7
Dr. L,
Thank you so much for everything you have done for my son, JJ. His grades have gone from (B’s, C’s, D’s) to (A’s & B’s). His confidence is back and so is my happy little boy. I will forever be grateful for the huge part you played in JJ’s academic career. Thank from the bottom of my heart.
Whitney, JJ's mom
Dear Vision Therapy, Thank you for helping me with my eyes. If it were not for you, I would not be reading as well as I am reading now. I will miss you when I graduate, but I would still like to visit you and I would come in to say, Hello! My favorite game was Spot It! because it was fun. Thank you for teaching me so much in class.


Tatum, Age 8
Before even getting the idea of doing vision therapy, I experienced regular headaches and always had trouble focusing on the school projectors in class. Over the course of my therapy, my headaches have become less frequent and my overall vision quality has increased. Vision therapy has helped me train my eyes to work as one and give me the ability to keep my eyes focused for longer periods of time without discomfort. Overall, vision therapy has truly helped in perfecting my vision.


Maelis, Age 14
I liked coming to vision therapy and learning how to improve my vision. It was always so fun because I got to play games and it didn’t fell like work. They helped me to know what’s in front of me and watch where I’m going, and what’s in my space. My reading, copying notes, and writing are better because of vision therapy.


Joe, Age 9
I can’t thank Dr. Landerville and her staff enough for all of hteir help with my son. Their knowledge, expertise, and patience truly helped my son improve his vision in so many ways. Not only did his spatial awareness, writing, and coordination improved greatly, but also his attitude about learning and school dramatically improved with newfound awareness that he can succeed, thank s to you!


Joe’s mom
Vision therapy helped me in school and in other areas. In school, it helped me stay focused in class, taking test, and being organized. In sports, it helped me track the ball in softball when I played in field, out field, and when I hit the ball.


Nycole, Age 15
When I first started vision therapy every thing was blurry but now that I am done everything is clear. Sports and school are easier. Thank you, Dr. Landerville and Ms. Kristina! 


Randy, Age 8
At age 4, my mom noticed my eye turning in at the dinner table while eating. I spent 6 years working with an eye doctor patching my eye and dilating it. The doctor suggested surgery but I chose eye therapy. Through eye therapy, my eyes are aligned, I can see 3D, and my peripheral vision has expanded.


Clay, Age 10
When I first started vision therapy and before I started, my eyes would pull out, making it very hard for me to read and do my boxing classes on the side. After I started doing vision therapy though, my eyes slowly stopped pulling apart, making my life much easier. Before you know it, my problem went away, all the way and I could even see better and further then I could before. Vision therapy is a great program that I would recommend for anyone of any age.


Jewel, Age 14
Vision therapy helped me get my eyesight better. Ms. Kristina and I played games, went on the trampoline, and talked about my eyes getting better. My eyesight was a little bad when it came to close up vision. When I did my vision therapy on the computer, I could feel my eyes getting better. Every time I had to go to vision therapy, I was so excited because we would always do fun stuff. We went on the balance beam and balance board. It was so fun!


Isis, Age 9
In the beginning of vision therapy, I had terrible side vision. I would run into soccer players and could not see the sides of the field. When I read I would see red and blue dots on words. The words would all be blurry. Now after 6 months of vision therapy that all changed! My handwriting is way better. I enjoy reading now. My performance in soccer is awesome and I can see the whole field. Thank you so much Dr. Landerville for helping my eyesight. Thank you!


Avery, Age 10
Thank you, vision therapy for fixing my eyes. I now pitch in baseball and throw strikes. I will miss you very much. Love, Kellen


Kellen, Age 9
Thank you for your amazing expertise. Kellen was very disappointed to go to another “therapy.” You made it fun for him and he is now successful. It was caught at the right time in third grade and baseball season. He also liked the games he did at home! We will miss you!


Stacy, Kellen's mom
Vision therapy changed my life! I could NOT be happier. ☺ For example, there was a picture of a square and I couldn’t replicate it. Furthermore, I am not skipping any more words when I read. Also, I usually see blue & neon green in my shower but we’re still trying to figure that out. Anyways, this is how vision therapy changed my life.


Adam, Age 9
I loved doing trampoline! Some stuff was fun and some was not but it was cool. I loved vision therapy. It was the best thing in the world. Last but not least, I liked doing the exercises and it helped me a lot. That was my story.


Aubrie, Age 7
Dr. Landerville helped me a lot. Now I can do word searches and I now love to read!


Gabriella, Age 8
We brought Gabriella in because we were concerned about her tiptoe walking. Dr. Landerville not only helped us with that but with Gabriella’s tracking. Her reading desire and comprehension have greatly improved. We appreciate how patient, attentive and kind Dr. Landerville is. She respects and values her patients as a whole person.


Gabriella's mom
My eyes hurt 24/7 and I got headaches but now I feel 100% better. My reading used to be horrible but now I like reading slightly more. Also, we figured out that we know the same person who is my horse gymnastic/equestrians riding instructor. My instructor used to be a vision therapist too.


Sunny, Age 11
Before vision therapy, reading and writing was hard. I would reread over and over and skip words. Vision therapy has helped me. Now my handwriting is much better and I am reading fluently. I have always wanted to play the violin. My mom said if I couldn’t stay on the beat I may not be able to play. Now I can stay on the beat and I can even play violin sort of. During vision therapy I have done a lot of funny things but my favorite was the Marsden Ball on the string. You would have to catch the ball with your fingers and fingertips instead of your whole hand. After this step, we used a stick and this has helped me so much. I am doing a lot better in school too. I hope you will enjoy vision therapy as much as I did. I hope this will help you as much as me.


Sophia, Age 10
I used to be a bookworm and I say used to because reading up close gave me migraines and just writing in any form gave me migraines. But now I can read and write without a problem. And the people here are awesome; Miss Kristina is funny and a cat person and Dr. Landerville is the eye-whisperer and they’re the perfect dynamic duo.


Hunter, Age 13
Hi, my name is Christina. When I started vision therapy my grades have improved along with my handwriting. I am getting A’s and B’s. I am reading chapter books and I am at grade level. Now I can stay in place without moving when watching a movie or video. Before when I went to school, I was struggling but now I am getting better. I used to mix up my B’s, D’s, P’s and Q’s now I don’t…well not as often anymore. Vision therapy helped me. Kristina really helped me to figure out a lot of things. Thank you for helping me!


Christina, Age 10
In 2015, I had a stroke at age 57. It was devastating to my life. Everyone’s brain injuries are different and depending where it happened in the brain, they have different problems. The problems I had with my stroke were balance and dizziness. I was sick and bed bound for six months and going to many health professionals and doing many tests to find out what would help me. My ophthalmologist discovered that I had major vision problems from the stroke and recommended that I see a vision specialist. He referred me to Dr. Kareen Landerville in Las Vegas for an evaluation. Her office was 1 and ½ hours away but my husband and I wanted to be evaluated to see if vision therapy would help, even though my insurance did not cover vision therapy for adults. Over the past 5 months, Dr. Kareen has helped me tremendously. I also do the vision exercises each day at home. My vision has improved, but more importantly, I am able to function better even though I still have major problems from the stroke. I highly recommend Dr. Kareen. She worked with me, specific to my situation. Also, her office staff is extremely nice and competent. Thank you, Dr. Kareen!


Cindy, Age 58
I can see the little words better. I was able to follow numbers from a distance which prior to therapy I had to get up close and point. My teacher reported better focus in math lectures.


Erick, Age 10
Vision therapy helped me in many ways. It helped me in sports, reading, and it stopped my headaches. It helped me with my tumbling, and help me to see my surroundings in tennis. Vision therapy also helped my reading speed. I’ve always been a fast reader, but when we took a reading test I was way better. It also stopped my headaches after reading. It also made me happy to know that my eyes were getting better and now is better. I’m thankful that I did eye therapy and I know that with the help of Dr. Landerville, my eyes got way better. Thank you!


Patricia, Age 12½
I learned a lot. It was good. It helped me with soccer, reading, and balance. My reaction time isn’t the same before my encephalitis, but it is faster with vision therapy. I process faster too. I still need to improve. Dr. Landerville is so nice; she helped me.


Jy, Age 8
As a medical provider (PhD in Nursing, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner), I can truly say that Dr. Landerville’s treatments are helpful. They combine multiple stimuli and processing that are necessary post head injury, stroke, concussion, encephalitis, etc. Jy’s reading, processing, reaction time, and emotions (due to frustration) have all improved since his vision therapy with Dr. Landerville. We even have therapies that we can implement at home to help Jy continue to improve. Just amazing therapy!


Ipuna, Jy's mom
I have gotten better in reading, I read more fluently, I can balance and spin very well without things blacking out; I do have to work on reading faster though.


Lola, Age 11
I fell 1 year ago and had a severe head injury which affected my peripheral vision. Dr. Landerville and her staff have helped me greatly. She is always very upbeat and positive. She is a joy to work with. She helped me a lot in my recovery. Thanks to her exercises and treatment she told me that my peripheral vision improved greatly after she gave me my last vision test. I’m so happy. Thank you Dr. Landerville!


Shannon, Age 43
I think that vision therapy has helped me by dancing, school, and gymnastics. It’s helped me in dance because I know instead of turning or going the wrong way, I turn the right way when I’m supposed to. I also think that its helped me in school because instead of my mind wandering on difficult math problems. I’m able to focus on one problem at a time. Also, in school, reading has gone from 70 words per minute to 100 words per minute. Finally, gymnastics, [vision therapy] has helped me because instead of falling off the beam, I can balance better and on the bar instead of getting dizzy, I can spot better. And that’s how vision therapy has helped me.


Lily, Age 10
Vision therapy was very helpful to me even if I did not want to go sometimes. Vision therapy helped me realize when my eyes do not work together. It also helped me watch 3D more comfortably. Vision therapy was a major component to becoming better at my athletic activities. My awareness has improved because my eyes are working together. My schoolwork has improved from vision therapy. Vision therapy is a big factor to becoming successful.


Bayden, Age 13
This experience was life changing. I can tell my left from my right. My reading has improved. My memorization skills have improved. Working with the doctor was fun. She loves to laugh. She always encouraged me to work harder. I had a great time and will always be thankful to Dr. Landerville.


Elizabeth, Age 11
My vision therapy was great; it helped me see much better. At first I was pretty nervous about vision therapy and thought I was the only one in my family that had eye problems and needed help. I found out my brother needed help too and that made me feel better. Vision therapy was great for me and I know you will love it too. Dr. Landerville is very nice and she makes the vision therapy games fun. I am always happy when I come to my appointments and I know you will love it too.


Chloe, Age 9
I used to have trouble copying from the board, concentrating when there was a lot of light, my drawings were lop-sided, and my writing was bad. Now, my eyes work much better and those problems went away. Now my drawings look great!!


Annie, Age 7
Vision therapy helped me with reading because it taught me to focus on the book itself and visualize the story like a movie. Before, I had to concentrate too much on the letters themselves, so I couldn’t imagine it at all. P.S. To have fun in Vision Therapy, you need to be a jokster, a funny person, and a good helpful person.


Mason, Age 8½
Vision therapy has helped me to focus more. It has helped me see things far away and up close. I can now read better because I’m not skipping words or lines. I am more aware of what my eyes are doing when I focus. I like vision because it’s cool and Kareen is really nice.


Trevor, Age 10
The reasons that I started vision therapy were to help my eyes become stronger and better. I wanted to improve my handwriting and hopefully not wear glasses when I grew up. During the time I was in vision therapy, I got better grades in writing. My concentration improved. I am happy with vision testing results because I did better each time. My favorite activity was the Dr. Rosner’s dots. I really liked Dr. Landerville because she is nice, kind and likes to do fun things.


Ethan, Age 8
I really enjoyed my vision therapy. My favorite part was the blocks and the trampoline. I noticed that I accomplished a lot of things like handwriting, not losing my place, and tracking. I liked Dr. Landerville because she is pretty, nice, sweet, kind, encouraging, and smart. Thank you for helping me.


Kathleen, Age 9
[Vision therapy] helped me see the board at school, it helped me see things at Sunday school, and it helped me with school performance. I had 2 performances, one for Halloween and one for the parents to show them what we know for the semester (for music). I don’t get headaches anymore, and I don’t get sleepy eyes during class. I don’t often skip when I read anymore. My handwriting is better! And I’ve finished all of my books.


Jack, Age 7½
Before I started with Dr. L, I used to lose my place while reading, but now I don’t have to use my finger to read. I used to get frustrated and I used to read slowly. Now I like to read and I read faster. Dr. L is nice and fun. I am so happy that she helped me. I love vision therapy.


Katie, Age 7
Dr. Landerville has been an amazing help in trying to fix my eyes. She has helped me to be able to use my left eye in conjunction with my right eye. She has helped me with the reduction of getting headaches with near work. I have gotten a lot better at sports and being able to catch a ball. I no longer avoid sports games. I no longer have motion sickness problems. My handwriting has become a lot better. I have gotten better about falling over things. I have become a lot less clumsy. I am very thankful that Dr. Landerville was able to help me with my eyes and improving my eyes.


Kylee, Age 13
Honestly, I couldn’t imagine what we were getting into with “vision therapy.” After a pervious negative experience at another practitioner, I was concerned that all optometrists might not be able to work with my family. Dr. Landerville is absolutely amazing. She has such a wonderful, professional, authentic approach to working with my child. He LOVES coming to the office visits, and LOVES the home therapy she gives us to work on during the week. The assessment was so through, accurate, and useful. I appreciated that Dr. Landerville had a solid same plan for my son (which she revisited and used to keep him on track to meet goals). She is truly brilliant and talented – an enormous asset to the Southern Nevada community. We are so luck to have her! Worth every penny – and mine! Thank you.


Leo’s mom, Child’s Age 5 ½
I learned how to work my eyes to be better at reading and school. Vision therapy was a lot of fun too.


Jack, Age 6
Vision therapy has helped me a lot in many things that I do. My performance in school has been getting much better. I went from B’s and C’s to A’s and B’s. I was able to tell that my vision was getting a lot better as I did more of these home exercises. Vision therapy helped me accomplish more in sports as well. I can now shoot well in basketball, and that helped me get better at it. Vision therapy really helped me do things that I didn’t know that I was able to do yet.


Reece, Age 12
When Katie was first diagnosed with lazy eye I felt so panicked and worried. Dr. Jordan had told me that I had two options, either vision therapy or surgery. I wanted to go through all the options and make sure that I made the best decision that was right for Katie. I spoke to a few different doctors and they let me know that they could do the surgery, but that it was not a guarantee and could risk her eye going inward instead of going outward which is even more difficult to correct.

That is when I met with Dr. Landerville and she completed her initial evaluation of Katie. She helped us feel so at ease and confident that going through vision therapy would be less risky than having surgery right away. After meeting with her, there was no more doubt in my mind that was where we needed to be.

When Katie began her vision therapy, her eye turned out every time she was tired and frustrated. We would spend hours late into the evenings on homework because she would get frustrated and tired easily. She hated reading and most of the other homework in general. When we would be able to sit down and read things would start out well but she would still have to use her finger to keep her place. It would quickly get frustrating because she kept losing her place and she would cry the whole time. This left everyone in the household in frustration.

Halfway through vision therapy, I sat down with her to read and she was excited to read the whole book to me. We not only made it through with no tears but I noticed that she didn’t use her finger once! She has since been reading more and more and has increased her reading speed. She is in second grade and now comprehends at 3.6 grade level and is reading an average of 90 words per minute. Most importantly she is proud of herself!

She looked forward to going to therapy once a week and it quickly became her favorite part of her week! Her confidence in herself has grown so much with the help of Dr. Landerville. She is always building Katie up and has made it such a fun experience for her. She also saved us from having to put our little girl through surgery. We are so grateful for Dr. Landerville and her help for not only Katie, but her whole family. We would highly recommend her to anyone needing or thinking about the option of vision therapy. Dr. Landerville is an amazing vision therapist and is a wonderful person over all! We will truly miss seeing her each week.


Mary, Katie's mom
Before I started with Dr. L I used to lose my place while reading, but now I don’t have to use my finger to read. I use to get frustrated and I use to read slowly. Now I like to read and I read faster. Dr. L is nice and fun. I am so happy that she helped me. I love vision therapy.


Katie, Age 7
Thank you, Dr. Landerville for making my eyes work together. Those eye exercises that you gave me helped me a lot. Now I am able to see far and read tiny letters. I liked the dots on the computer and the word circle.


Irina, Age 9
Vision therapy was a great experience. It has helped me in so many ways. For example, when reading, everything would go double. That no longer happens and if it does, I can easily fix it. I would lose my place and have to read the same thing over and over again, but I no longer have this problem. In softball, I was starting to really struggle to not see the ball double, but vision therapy helped me to no see double at all. It would happen during softball when I was in an up gaze (so catching a fly ball) and Dr. Landerville took that into consideration and we worked up gaze. Vision therapy was so helpful to me and it didn’t feel like going to an eye doctor appointment, the sessions were even fun. I no longer have double vision, eye-tracking problems, and can now read a book and see the ball.


Kalin, Age 12
My daughter Kalin has an intermittent exotropic strabismus - an occasional outward eye turn in her left eye. When she was around 4 years old, we noticed something wasn't right. Kalin would hold her head cocked to the side to color and I noticed the slight eye turn. The eye turn would sometimes happen so fast, I wasn't sure that I really saw it at all. At 4 years old, we found out she was far sighted and had an exotropic strabismus - the eye turn usually happened when she was tired. Around 6 years old, we did some passive vision therapy with prisms on her glasses and saw a vision therapist for a few months. All was well. Kalin had straight A's, read tons of books all throughout elementary school, and was involved in many extracurricular activities. At 12 years old, during spring semester of 6th grade, something changed. Kalin said that she was seeing double in school - 2 identical paragraphs in a book, 2 identical kids in the hallway, and 2 exactly identical softballs on the ball field. It didn't happen all the time, only sometimes.

That's when I called Dr. Landerville to find out what we could do. Dr. Landerville was very compassionate and kind right from the start. I felt like she spoke my language and understood exactly what was happening. Since we had some vision therapy in the past, I had some idea of what was happening to Kalin, but Dr. Landerville explained everything clearly and always made us feel comfortable and at ease during every vision therapy appointment. Most of the time when Kalin's eye turned out, her brain turned off her eye, so she wouldn't see double. During the period of double vision, her brain didn't turn her eye off and therefore she saw 2 of everything.

Vision therapy has helped Kalin tremendously. Kalin did about 6 months of vision therapy with Dr. Landerville. It was great to see the progress over the months. As time went on, the eye turn became less noticeable - Kalin was able to control her eye. Her eye tracking speed went from the 8th percentile when she started to the 85th percentile when she finished. I found every exercise very interesting and had to try them out sometimes myself. :) Kalin's progress was the most noticeable on the softball field. This season, she hit the ball about 90% of the time she was at bat - a huge increase. Last season she hit the ball around 20% of the time.

As a parent, I would love to be able to see what my daughter sees. I'd like to know what it's like to have your vision change from 3D to 2D - having no depth perception for a few seconds. I wonder if during the last 6 years if she was having trouble seeing, but just didn't realize it. What she saw was normal for her. I wonder if I should have noticed something.

I am proud to say that now Kalin can fix her eye quickly when she is tired and she can recognize when her vision changes from 3D to 2D. Vision therapy has given my daughter the tools she needs to make adjustments and make her vision clear - eyes together - in an instant. Thank you, Dr. Landerville, for helping my daughter see the way we all should see - in 3D. :)


Barbara, Kalin’s mom
Vision therapy has helped me with many things in school and sports. It has helped me to see better so I can focus better in school. My grades have improved, my work and cursives is neater. I am better at basketball because I have better coordination. I can shoot and dribble better. Dr. L. is very nice and I enjoyed working with her. She makes vision therapy FUN.


Cash, Age 9
I am very grateful we were able to find Dr. Kareen Landerville to help my son with his vision problems that were interfering with his learning and daily activities. Dr. L. and her program has helped him tremendously. His grades have improved. He has better handwriting and it is not so difficult for him to write. He is more confident in school. His reading ability has improved. All around, he is a much happier child and it is not so difficult to get him to do homework. He can concentrate better. He has improved his coordination in sports. Dr. L. made vision therapy fun and something that my child was excited to go to. We drove one hour each way to get to our appointments and it was worth it. Dr. L. is very encouraging and positive with the children. We are happy with the results of the vision therapy and the speed with which Dr. L. was able to help my child progress.


Tiffany, Cash’s mom
We want to thank you for all you have done for Nicolette in the past five months. It’s been an amazing experience with incredible results. When we saw you first time, for testing back in October, Nicolette’s Vision Report showed that Nicolette had Focusing Problems and Strabismus. Vision therapy was recommended for 6-9 months. We are so thrilled that the treatment went so well, that therapy is not needed anymore after only 5 months. We noticed that Nicolette was doing so much better in school after just a month into therapy, she wasn’t frustrated anymore with learning, reading, writing, and focusing on her school work.

Nicolette will miss you and your staff, as she was so excited to work and play with you every week! Thank you!


C family, Child’s Age 6
My name is Liza. Eye therapy is fun because there are fun games to play like “Blink” and “Think Track.” Dr. Kareen is encouraging and patient with me, and I will miss working with her. Dr. Kareen has helped me with reading, writing, focusing on finishing work, and ha helped me learn how to make my eyes work together. She has also helped me stop switching my “Bs”, “Ds”, “Ps”, and “Qs’ so much. She should earn a GOLD STAR!


Liza, Age 9
I got better at my balance, and I got better at the exercises you taught me and I think Vision therapy is awesome. I appreciate Vision Therapy because it made my life better. It is easier for me to read. I am moving better. My balance is better. I can throw and catch a ball better now. I got a pair of really cool glasses that help me see better.


Vivien, Age 9
Vision therapy helped me with my letter reversals and numbers. Before vision therapy, I didn’t like to write for other people because they say it was wrong. Now, I feel better about writing for people because they can read it better. It also made me realize that anything can be fixed.


Kiera, Age 10
Thank you Doctor Landerville for all you’ve done for me. I have improved a lot ever since I started eye therapy. I don’t have double vision, dizziness, or headaches, and I can see the board better and it’s all because of you and the others because you helped me a lot with my eyes. Eye therapy really helped me do better in sports and in school. I love to come to the office and doing my eye exercises with all of you. Thank you so much. Love, Galina!


Galina, Age 9